The GUNFIGHTERS LUXEMBOURG MC was founded on 22/08/2015, joining a large family of law enforcement colleagues who share a passion for motorcycling and support each other. The MC is committed to helping injured or deceased colleagues and their survivors. Also big rides or charity runs and events are organized, the proceeds are donated to aid organizations which deal with children or others who need urgent help.
The Luxembourg Chapter is currently made up of Fullmembers , official Supporters, Hangerounds and official Ladies.

The Chapter patch was introduced so that everyone who want to support us can do so. These are the contours of the Luxembourg country with the numbers 76. These stand for the alphabetic letters GunFighters. “ G = 7 /  F = 6”  
You can also purchase this patch as a sticker


Full Patch

Fullmember means any member who works at the law enforcement agency.

Supporter Patch

Official Supporter is any trustworthy person who is allowed to join the club regardless of his profession.

Official Lady Patch

Official Lady are the wives or girlfriends of the Fullmembers or official Supporters if they want to become a patch.

Gunfighters MC Luxembourg

27b, route de Diekirch

L-8391 Moestroff


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